KnowHow & Facilities

Modern facilities and highly qualified staff

PowerCell has northern Europe’s largest and state-of-the-art fuel cell and reformer laboratories allowing for rapid iterations between idea, design and verification. Through the close relationship with automotive industry and local universities, a well-experienced and dedicated team has been built up to handle the challenges associated with high-tech future sustainable product offerings.

Extensive KnowHow

The PowerCell Team consist of inspiring, creative and committed people. Since 2009, PowerCell has, due to the fact that it has been internationally recognized, attracted and recruited highly professional sector specialists and managers.
PowerCell´s staff consists of both Ph.D. & M.Sc. within the fuel reforming, fuel cell stack and fuel cell system area forming the core technologies of the company. Some of the employees have more than 15 years within the fuel cell area and part of the team has its origin in the former Volvo Group team. The background differs from Swedish universities to research institutes throughout Europe and the employees bring experience from various branches within the industry. All together this gives a sound and solid ground and creative environment for PowerCell´s contribution to a more sustainable world.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

In 2009 PowerCell built a unique, state.of-the-art laboratory for developing and testing fuel cell stacks, fuel reformers and complete fuel cell systems.

The fuel cell stack and sub-system test lab can operate from a single cell to 50kW electric fuel cell stacks, unmanned for a 24/7 automatic operation with appropriate alarms and ventilations installed. All fuel cell stands are from Greenlight Innovation.

In the test lab for fuel reformers and fuel cell systems fuel reforming units can be tested and evaluated with different fuels and synthetic fuel gas mixture with proper analysis equipment of up to 5 different sample points. The test cell can be operated with up to 75 kW thermal load unmanned 24/7 automatic operation with appropriate alarms and ventilations installed.

To get rapid development cycle within the testing we also have both a mechanical- and an electrical workshop within the premises.