PowerCell Fuel Cell Systems

Clean and Efficient Power Wherever Needed

PowerCell develops fuel cell systems both for stationary usage as mobile applications.
The stationary systems are based either on store hydrogen aswell as our PowerPac that is engineered to use low sulphure diesel.
For systems for mobile applications they are designed to operate on pure hydrogen.

PowerCell PS-5 (5kW)

PowerCell PS-5 is a fuel cell system based on the robust PowerCell S2 stack. The system is designed to meet the need for eco-friendly, silent and reliable electricity generation and back-up systems for buildings, households, telecommunications and traffic systems. The system facilitates increased use of renewable energy, as it is possible to integrate with photovoltaics. The PowerCell PS-5 is reliable and safe, and is delivered with a fully automated control system. The fuel cell system is adapted to customer needs and is delivered in power classes 1.6, 3.3 or 5.0 kW, with voltage levels 24 or 48 VDC as well as with liquid or air-based cooling systems.

PowerCell PP (3kW) Prototype

PowerCell PowerPac delivers clean power using existing fuel. It reduces the operating expenses. It is environment-friendly; low noise, reduced carbon footprint and zero noxious emissions.

PowerCell PowerPac is a complete electric power-generating unit with the patented diesel reformer and PowerCell S2 fuel cell stack. The system converts standard low-sulphur diesel to electricity in a reliable, competitive and environmentally friendly way. It operates silently and has no noxious emissions.
This power generator that uses diesel fuel to produce electricity, via a catalytic reformer and fuel cell, in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way than traditional alternatives. Powercell PowerPac produces no toxic emissions due to the controlled catalytic process in the reformer. The conversion is also highly efficient making fuel cost low compared to traditional solutions. Since no combustion takes place the noise level is kept to a minimum. The diesel fuel’s high energy content makes it also suitable for remote power stations.

PowerCell PowerPac – The world’s first LT-PEM based fuel cell system, with diesel reforming as a method to generate hydrogen gas.