Through PowerCell’s unique diesel reformer and fuel cell stack technologies, various markets can be addressed with complete electric generation systems, fuel cell stacks as a component or to help customers by providing engineering support.

PowerCell product offering consists of:

Fuel Cell Stack

PowerCell’s fuel cell stack is designed to work in an APU environment on reformate gas as well as pure hydrogen. It uses metal bipolar plates and state of the art MEA to give a robust, low cost and high performance design.

PowerCell can today offer the customer fuel cell stacks as a stand-alone component from 1-6 kW. In the near future even larger stacks will be available.

Reformate is when a fuel like natural gas, LPG, gasoline or diesel is converted into gas. That gas will be mainly composed of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, water, carbon monoxide.


PowerPac is a complete electric power-generating unit using low sulphur road diesel. The 1-3 kW PowerPac can be optimized for many applications and markets and delivers clean power using existing fuel. In particular PowerCell is targeting telecom and stationary applications as well as RV’s, commercial vehicles, and marine leisure for its mobile APUs offering.

PowerPac reduces the operating expenses; is simpler than alternatives, and requires no on-site maintenance. It is environmentally friendly; low noise, reduced carbon footprint and zero noxious emissions.