PowerCell patented unique technique

On our journey for solving the demand for environment-friendly energy PowerCell is always striving to develop cutting edge technology. PowerCell’s patent portfolio currently comprises 74 patents granted and 30 patent applications subdivided into 18 patent families. All patents are valid for a period of 20 years from the date of application.

PowerCell allocates major resources to activities to protect its products with patents.The patents encompass fundamental technology, predominantly in the core areas of fuel cell stacks and reformers. Particular focus is directed at safeguarding these core areas, which contain most of the company’s patents. We also wants to ensure coverage of potential key markets and the domestic and production markets of competitors. Patents have been approved in the following countries and regions: The US, Canada, China, Japan, Germany, France, the UK, Sweden and Taiwan.

PowerCell independently owns all of our patents with one exception, the PC1114, which is jointly owned with Volkswagen AG for Germany. The patent strategy is international and aims to build up a strong and competitive patent portfolio to consolidate the company’s market position and safeguard investments in new products, services and technologies.