Scandinavian waters can be emission-free

Scandinavia has a long coastline with many ferries and vessels. To gain a new licence for ferry operations in Norway, a new requirement for ferries is to not release any exhaust gases. This opens the door for hydrogen and fuel cell systems.

Recent years have seen a technical revolution on-board ferries along the Scandinavian coast. In November 2015, the Stortinget’s energy and environmental committee decided to require zero-emission solutions, which marked the start of a rapid technical transformation, and strong expansion for vessels running on electricity. In many cases, this has entailed battery-operated ­vessels, but for longer ferry routes and most vessels, battery operation is not an option since this solution is too heavy. For these vessels, hydrogen and fuel cell systems will be the only possible emission free alternatives.

Achieving zero emissions

PowerCell has therefore joined forces with the Norwegian companies NEL ASA and Hexagon Composites to launch the shared joint venture, Hyon AS.

"The first battery-operated cruise vessel was put into operation in 2015, and today around 50 new electrical vessels are in the pipeline. Around half of the ferries and vessels deployed in coastal traffic will run on ­batteries, but the rest require hybrid solutions where hydrogen is the only option to achieve zero emissions. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has already announced the first invitation to tender for a hydrogen ferry” says Tomas Tronstad, CEO of Hyon.

Hyon is a one-stop shop for customers with a need for integrated solutions for everything from production and storage of ecofriendly hydrogen, to fuel cell systems to generate electricity.

At Hyon the customer gets the full concept

Today, Hyon has two employees who together have over 45 years’ experience from the marine area, in everything from machine and system design, to dimensioning, classification and regulation for a large number of different vessel types.

“The employees’ experience and the three founding companies’ expertise reduce customers’ uncertainty, since we can propose system solutions to make the vessels emission free,” says Johan Burgren, Business Manager Marine at PowerCell.

PowerCell creates value for customers with technology which represent a big step towards emission free solutions.

“We address customers in the marine sector, with solutions in which fuel cell technology is a key aspect. Since PowerCell MS-100 is modular, we can offer customers system design from a few hundred kilowatts, to major megawatt solutions,” says Johan Burgren.

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Johan Burgren
Business manager