Hydrogen range extenders are a perfect solution for an important part of the electric vehicles. MoreZero is a project with the goal to develop a modular hydrogen range extender for electric vehicles that can be used in different types of vehicles.

In this project, PowerCell is responsible for developing a fuel cell module with an electric net power output of 20 kW as a hydrogen-based range extender for electrical vehicles. The module can be connected in parallel to provide increased power and the system is being developed based on PowerCell’s fuel cell platform.

Together with partners in Spain and Belgium, the consortium is developing a modular range extender system, and will install these together with a hydrogen storage system and power electronics in two electric vehicles: a small truck and passenger car. These vehicles will be exhibited thereafter. To date, a system that supplies electricity has been built in a laboratory environment. The next step is to pack this system so that it fits into the vehicle according to a packing study conducted earlier in the project. Funding for the Swedish component is being provided by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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Per Ekdunge
Founder, Vice President and CEO PowerCell Germany GmbH