– The power generator PowerPac to be installed in a telecom base station in Gothenburg, Sweden

Nordic leading fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) has signed a cooperation agreement with mobile operator TeliaSonera AB to jointly install and operate a PowerPac power generator at a telecom base station in the Gothenburg area in western Sweden.

PowerCell Sweden AB and TeliaSonera AB have agreed to jointly run a feasibility study to test PowerCell's PowerPac power generator in operation as a power backup for one of TeliaSonera's telecom base stations in the Gothenburg area, in western Sweden. The purpose of the study is to allow TeliaSonera to test the technology in a real installation and evaluate the technology and its potential for TeliaSonera's markets.

The project involves PowerCell and TeliaSonera that jointly will install and operate a PowerPac on a working base station. The system will run in a controlled manner, as power outages in the area are rare. The testing will be done through simulated power failures.

"We are pleased to sign this partnership with TeliaSonera", said Andreas Bodén, Marketing and Sales Director at PowerCell Sweden. "Obtaining TeliaSonera as a customer is an important complement to our investment in Telecom. To be able to test the PowerPac in a live setting in our region will help us to develop the product further."

"We are excited to be part of trialling this cutting edge power solution", said Anne Larilahti, VP Head of Sustainability Strategy at TeliaSonera. "We see great potential in fuel cells to ensure that the networks are up and running 24/7 in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way."

PowerCell's PowerPac is a power generator that uses diesel to generate electricity. This is possible when running diesel through a catalytic reformer that converts it to hydrogen-rich gas, which is then converted to electricity in the fuel cell. This gives lower fuel consumption and a quieter and more environmentally friendly operation without toxic emissions than traditional combustion solutions. The availability of diesel compared to pure hydrogen makes the PowerPac highly suitable also for remote telecom base stations. The PowerPac is also useful as a power generator in other applications that require efficient, environmentally friendly and quiet electricity generation.

Gothenburg, Sweden, November 10, 2015

For additional information please contact:
Per Wassén
CEO, PowerCell Sweden AB (publ)
Phone: +46 76 553 37 71
Email: per.wassen@powercell.se

About PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) 
PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) is the leading fuel cell company in the Nordics, which develops and produces environmentally friendly power systems for stationary and mobile customer applications.

PowerCell has developed a modular system of fuel cell platforms, powered by clean environmentally friendly produced hydrogen where only electricity, heat and water are emissions. The fuel cells are also designed to handle reformed hydrogen from e.g. biogas, natural gas, biodiesel or standard diesel.

In case hydrogen infrastructure is missing, PowerCell has combined its leading fuel cell and reformer technology and developed a fuel cell system, PowerPac, which converts standard diesel, with hydrogen, into electricity. This is done in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way, in which emissions of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particles are completely eliminated and the carbon dioxide emissions are greatly reduced compared to a conventional diesel engine.

PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) is listed on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm and is an industrial spin-out from the Volvo Group. G&W Fondkommission is appointed by the Company as Certified Adviser for the listing on Nasdaq First North Stockholm. Among the largest owners are Midroc New Technology, Fourier Transform, Finindus and Volvo Group Venture Capital. For additional information, please visit: www.powercell.se

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