Marine products designed to last.

Fuel cells generate pure electricity without noise, vibration or emissions, which is of great value for vulnerable maritime environments.

The marine industry is a segment in which the capacity to deliver electricity without emissions is extremely important. The fuel cell systems entail high potential for reducing not only energy consumption but also emissions such as CO2 and particles. Our fuel cell systems are modular and can accomodate large power needs – free from vibration, noise and air pollution.

The world class power density makes PowerCell’s systems easy to integrate and the products are designed to withstand harsh conditions at sea. Our products are constructed of industrial components and are thus reliable, have a high uptime and a long lifetime. Solutions such as remote monitoring and proactive service scheduling are among the offered service solutions.

PowerCell’s systems for marine applications

PowerCell’s systems are designed to meet needs such as main propulsion, range extenders (REX), auxiliary (AUX) and cold ironing. Since the systems are modular and light weight, PowerCell can tailor-make solutions for a range of applications within the marine industry:

  • Large scale power supply for ships, ferries and supply vessels
  • Smaller vessels such as supply boats, channel vessels and commuting ferries
  • Power solutions in harbour from shore to ship
  • Leisure boats
  • Off shore power supply
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Johan Burgren
Business manager

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Yibo Zhao
Sales area manager Asia