PowerCell’s technology solves problems for industries such as manufacturing and construction.

Customers request sustainable solutions, and as a response, more and more companies in industries such as construction or manufacturing, are striving for carbon-free production. On construction sites and in production plants, fuel cell technology can eliminate emissions of CO2.

Our fuel cell stacks and systems are delivering world class power density which makes our products compact and robust. This feature enables PowerCell to offer customised solutions in contrast to alternative, standard installations. PowerCell’s products offers top performance for special purpose machines. Fuel cell systems generate power at locations where there is no power grid, without the hustle of drawing power cables to the site.

PowerCell’s fuel cell technology is tested in the automotive industry, and it offers easy installation and high up-time.

Within material handling, fuel cell stacks and systems can be employed in many applications

  • For propulsion in material handling machines such as fork lifts
  • Construction machines
  • Special purpose machines