Future-proof stationary power, operation and economy


Ask yourself what you want to achieve.

Do you want zero emissions, a dependable power source, lower costs or a future proof system? Together we will make an inventory of your needs, plan and build a tailor-made solution. In most cases you can start by adding to your existing system and phase out older parts over time.

Primary power

When you want to be more self-sufficient, to secure electricity access or simply work in places where there is no grid, you need your own power source. It could be you want to decrease your grid dependency, lower grid costs or to set up temporary operations at an inaccessible spot.

Peak power

At times when the energy demand on the grid peaks you will want to ensure that you have access to the power you need. A  fuel cell system can either eliminate or compliment other energy sources, such as batteries, to do the job. As a bonus, it will cut costs when energy prices rise as the demand increases.

Backup power

With the rise of digitization, backup power has become increasingly important. It has been customary to use diesel generators that start up when there is a power failure. A fuel cell system is always online, which makes it more dependable and your power supply system more robust.

PowerCell’s systems for stationary applications

PowerCell’s systems are designed to meet a variation of needs. Since the systems are modular, robust, reliable and easy to build in, PowerCell can tailor-make solutions for a range of applications within the stationary industry:

  • Large scale power supply for power plants, datacenters, industrial buildings and processes
  • Smaller power units to supply real estate, off-grid buildings and local power plants with electricity and heat (hot water) for district heating systems
  • Power solutions in harbor from shore to ship
  • Refueling stations, telecom, construction sites, events
  • Power to charging stations
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Åse Bye
Business Manager Stationary Applications

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Business Manager Stationary Applications

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Sales area manager Asia