PowerCell MS-100
The game changer for electrification

  • Net power 100 kW
  • Volume 276 litres
  • Weight 170 kg
  • Net power 100 kW
  • Volume 276 litres
  • Weight 170 kg
Being the most powerful single stack fuel cell system in the world, Powercell MS-100 enables durable and flexible use in a wide range of applications. Specially designed for heavy-duty use, the hydrogen-powered fuel cell system makes way for zero emission solutions for both road and sea transportation.
Powerful output
Powerful output of 100 kW and possibility to connect several stacks if more power is needed.
Compact design
Vertical and horizontal versions that enable high flexibility and smooth integration.
Robust construction
Robust construction of all components. Steel bipolar plates ensure lasting and reliable use.

Swedish engineering

PowerCell MS-100 is developed by PowerCell’s engineering team in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our engineers have a long and solid experience of developing safe and durable fuel cell systems that address the global need for zero emission energy solutions.

Compact design

The Powercell MS-100 system has a volume of just 276 litres and a total weight of 170 kilos. The fuel cell system is available in both vertical and horizontal versions, making it easy to integrate in applications with narrow installation space.

Specified for heavy duty applications.

  • Net power
    100 kW
  • Volume
    276 litres
  • Weight
    170 kg

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